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On "breaking" old HABITS

Sylvia Soltyk

Do you ever notice your habitual patterning in life? Sometimes we wish we could change but it's scary! Some of our habits are self supportive 🤗 and some... not so much 😟 . Our habits are a result of our imprints or samskaras. In yoga philosophy, samsakaras are understood as mental imprints resulting from intentions, thoughts and actions we experience in our lives -- our conditioning! 

And if we are unaware of these imprints they can create a faulty view of the world; they are the root cause of all impulses (and therefore actions, and creation of new habits) and arise from the unconscious and subconscious mind. It is how we behave when we act out of habit.

In the words of Sri Krishnamacharya, "yoga is the process of replacing old patterns with new and more appropriate patterns". Through yoga, we prepare the mind for meditation. In meditation, we can shine the light of awareness (vidya) onto these imprints, sitting in the discomfort of challenging them with fearlessness (abaya) as we step outside the comfort zone of a habitual movement or thought to create a new, more self supporting imprint or samskaras with a vision (darshana).

So, when we want to change an old unsupportive pattern or habit, we must look deeper at the imprint or conditioning below the conscious mind. Then with awareness of this imprint, we sit in the discomfort of the unknown of challenging this imprint, and we visualise a new imprint, thus creating space to allow new habits and conditioning.

YES, it can feel uncomfortable or scary to step outside of the comfort zone of our habitual movement through life. But to truly fulfil our desires, goals and dreams, it's likely that we must move with intention and self supportive actions and thoughts, in contrast to habits and imprints which we have formed as a result of the accumulation of experiences in our life... choose new beginnings and have faith in this path. You needn't fret about the past, about current habits. Create new habits rather than trying to end old. Just choose again....... xx

artwork by @broken_isnt_bad