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Self Love Aromatherapy: The Art of Self Love Inspired by Nature


self care, self loveSylvia Soltyk

A note on journalling ✏️ ðŸ“– Of all the tools 🔧 I've picked up over the last few years, during and following a few traumatic 💔 experiences, journalling has been one of the most useful along side yoga (mediation, breathing exercises, poses). 

Journalling only takes a few minutes (max 10! I know you have ten minutes in your day to spare!!!). I journal in the morning, at night, and occasionally when I need to get something out of my head and onto paper (usually emotions!). 

Putting pen (or ✏️) to paper is so powerful. Here's why ❤

✏️ journalling helps bring clarity to our thoughts and feelings. Often we replay things over and over in our heads. Get that shit out! Write it out and see how clear it becomes. 

✏️ get to know yourself better. I think the real key to growth is turning our awareness inwards and getting to know what's going on. Writing our deepest thoughts helps us get to know ourselves. Then, we can make more self supporting decisions. 

✏️ writing about emotions and events helps us reduce stress levels. When we write about how we feel it reduces the intensity of these emotions. 

✏️ increases creativity. By keeping our left hemisphere of our brain working on the task or writing, we free up the right hemisphere for creativity. 

Big love ❤️ why don’t you try put pen to paper today?