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I'm sorry VS thank you: cultivating connection

love and belonging, self loveSylvia Soltyk

"I’m sorry” gets thrown around haphazardly these days. I often feel it’s lost its meaning and value. I’ve been reflecting on how to apologize and make it meaningful; how can we use these opportunities where we apologize to cultivate connection and friendships? Can you replace that sorry with a thank you, to express gratitude? 🌸🙏🏼

For example, when you’re running late to meet a friend out for lunch, rather than saying in passing, “I’m sorry I’m late”. Take this as an opportunity to share with your friend that you appreciate they waited for you and say, “thank you for your patience”. In this way we acknowledge how we may have inconvenienced a friend and they can hear this explicitly stated. 

If you cancel on a meeting or appointment, perhaps you could offer, “I appreciate your understanding....”. Here’s some more examples:

- replace “I’m sorry I’m not making a lot of sense” with “thank you for taking the time to understand me”. 

- replace “sorry I’m not very fun to be around right now” with “thank you for spending time with me”.

- “sorry I’m a disappointment”... “thank you for believing in me”.

We are replacing the focus being on us apologizing to appreciating the other person or people... in this way we cultivate deeper connections with others for a more fulfilling life. 

Of course, if there is something you should apologize and ask for forgiveness for using the words, “I am sorry”, then do this!

Photo by @annietarasova