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I AM STRESSED! Meditation 🙏: a remedy for stress 😵

Sylvia Soltyk

I AM SO STRESSED! Rewind to 3 years ago: Overworked, overtired, and stressed. I was a post grad student and taking care of a terminally ill parent. My dad had brain cancer and I was pretending that I was "ok" in my every day interactions with people.

😊 Here are a few of the potential benefits of meditation**: 
-- relief from stress and anxiety by reducing the “flight or fight” response which decreases the production of stress hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol,
-- decreased blood pressure and hypertension, 
-- more efficient oxygen use by the body,
-- more restful sleep,
-- increased production of the anti-aging hormone DHEA,
-- improved immunity. 

On "breaking" old HABITS

Sylvia Soltyk

Do you ever notice your habitual patterning in life? Sometimes we wish we could change but it's scary! Some of our habits are self supportive 🤗 and some... not so much 😟 . Our habits are a result of our imprints or samskaras. In yoga philosophy, samsakaras are understood as mental imprints resulting from intentions, thoughts and actions we experience in our lives -- our conditioning! 


self care, self loveSylvia Soltyk

Putting pen (or ✏️) to paper is so powerful. Here's why ❤

✏️ journalling helps bring clarity to our thoughts and feelings. Often we replay things over and over in our heads. Get that shit out! Write it out and see how clear it becomes. 

✏️ get to know yourself better. I think the real key to growth is turning our awareness inwards and getting to know what's going on. Writing our deepest thoughts helps us get to know ourselves. Then, we can make more self supporting decisions. 


self loveSylvia Soltyk

The difference between shame (I am bad) and guilt (I did something bad): we often think that both of these emotions are negative, however guilt is highly correlated with behavioural change, and growth while shame is highly correlated with addiction, depression, anxiety, eating disorders and the list goes on…


self love, meditationSylvia Soltyk

Our modern lifestyle provides us with many opportunities to avoid and distract ourselves from emotional pain 💔 and hurt. Think: social media 📱, alcohol 🍾, sex 😏, food 🍔, overworking 📧, overexercising 🏃‍♀️... just to name a few. While these things are often fine when our intention is not to avoid, but the accessibility and normalcy of these things makes it easier than ever to avoid what's going on inside. When we avoid the pain, we also avoid the healing!